Elite Relocatable Offices is committed to a safe working environment. Our people are constantly training to achieve a higher standard of safety and our work and safety systems are continuously updating as new and improved methods, equipment and products are available. This extensive preparation provides the foundation to complete our projects safely, responsibly and on time.

At Elite relocatable Offices, we are proud of our WHS&E attitude and implimentation. We have developed and implemented an integrated Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management system more than meeting requirements expected today. Our Management System, has been audited by clients and local Councils and incorporates our core beliefs right through the company structure and to our clients.

Environmental matters are of critical concern of every industry. At Elite Relocatable Offices, we acknowledge this, and are proactive in providing solutions for potential risks. We adopt environmental controls and safeguards to provide assurance that our operations are run in an environmentally sound manner.

We are environmentally responsible with the collection of rain water from our buildings into storage tanks for use throughout our facilities and encourage conservation of our natural resources through responsible recycling.

Elite Relocatable Offices is affiliated with many various recycling centres covering the Sydney Metroplitant area and a keen workforce enthusiastic about recycling almost any kind of recyclable scrap arising from our projects.

For further information on our extensive WHS&E system please contact Elite Relocatable Offices.